13 January 2012
Address of the Head of State regarding the upcoming elections to the Majilis of the Parliament and maslikhats.

Address of the Head of State

regarding the upcoming elections

to the Majilis of the Parliament and maslikhats

January 13, 2012

Dear citizens of Kazakhstan!

The upcoming elections are important for the development of our country and strengthening its democratic values.

The government is providing all the conditions for conducting open, fair, transparent and competitive elections.

And all of you are witnessing that.

The rule of law has been ensured at all the stages of the election campaign.

The political parties have enjoyed equal access to the media.

All the participants of the electoral process have had all the opportunities to introduce their campaign platforms to the voters.

Our citizens could see which parties had specific programmes designed to benefit our country, and which of them were only busy with prate, fraud and slander. I am confident that our people will be able to judge impartially those who deny the obvious and sow discord among the people.

The international community is showing great interest in the election.

Our future, unity and stability depend on us, on the choice of each of us. We have to always remember that.


Dear people of Kazakhstan!

On January 15, 2012 the election of deputies to the Majilis of the Parliament and maslikhats will be held.

The upcoming election is important for the country and for strengthening the democratic values.

The state has created all conditions to hold open, fair, transparent and competitive elections.

We ensured the process of law in all phases of the electoral campaign.

Political parties have been provided with equal access to the media.

All participants of the electoral process had tremendous opportunities to familiarize voters with their campaign platforms.

At the same time our citizens have seen who is who, while observing how our politicians address their voters.

They have assessed which parties have concrete programmes, what measures they are planning to take in order to implement them for the benefit of our people.

They have also seen what parties are engaged in prating, denigrating, thus showing their utter lack of understanding of the situation and their isolation from the realities of life.

I am sure our people, all Kazakhstan citizens, will understand and support the stability, development and concrete actions aimed at the flourishing of the country, improving of the lives of people.

The international community is showing a keen interest in the election.

The Central Election Commission has accredited 819 observers representing eight international organizations and twenty-nine foreign countries.

118 representatives of foreign mass media will cover the elections.

The electoral campaign on the whole is passing actively. You can see it for yourselves every day.

All sociological surveys show the majority of the population is actively interested in elections and ready to take part in the vote.

And there is a good reason. This activity is correct. Because this is a direct result of the country’s stable development over the past 20 years.

We have achieved a lot. Today, the GDP per capita amounts to more than 11,000 dollars. Last year the economy grew by 7.5 percent. Combined international reserves have exceeded 75 billion U.S. dollars.

Why do we save these funds?

These funds will be needed in case of new crises, disasters, which nobody in the modern world can avoid.

If such cataclysms happen, these funds will be needed to pay pensions and salaries for state employees in time.

You know that the wages and pensions of Kazakhstan people have increased twofold over the last three years. The health and education spheres are being dynamically modernized.

Kazakhstan is an active participant in international processes.

Elections are always a test for any society. And we are not an exception. This is a period of test for social values, the unity of the nation and the correctness of the chosen solutions.

At the same time they always entail arguments, debates, tough competition. And this is normal, a typical democratic process.

But we must not forget that the elections are only a certain stage of life.

Kazakhstan will further face new challenges.

Unfortunately, I must tell you, my dear fellow countrymen, as always honestly and directly, that we are facing hard times ahead.

The instability of the global economy, the likelihood of a new wave of crisis and decline in export prices can affect the economy of Kazakhstan.

We are preparing for it, and this is not the first year we have been doing so.

We have overcome the global financial crisis of 2008-09 in a dignified manner. And, despite all the negative predictions, we will continue to pursue our chosen course towards modernization of the country for the sake of a better life for our people.

First, we have outlined to carry out large-scale social modernization aimed at further improving the welfare of citizens.

All our actions will be specified in several nationwide programmes.

These are “Quality of Life – 2030”, “Healthy Nation – 2030”, “Intelligent Kazakhstan – 2030”.

These are very concrete programmes, allocated with funding, and we'll work on them.

The implementation of these programmes will provide decent living to our people.

Second, we will carry on further industrial and innovational development of the country.

We will expand production and introduce new high technologies raising the competitive abilities of Kazakhstan on regional and global scales.

New industries in electronics, mechanical and aircraft engineering, wagon and locomotive manufacturing, and construction will start operating at full capacity.

We will continue to provide powerful assistance to the agricultural sector of our country.

We will continue to develop the processing industries.

We will pay greater attention to the development of cattle breeding, establishing 2,300 farming enterprises and thus providing jobs to the villagers.

Third, we will continue the political modernization of the Kazakhstan society.

Following the elections, the parliament will be, at least, bipartisan.

We will continue to reform law enforcement agencies, especially the judicial system.

We will continue an uncompromising fight against corruption.

This is a new political stage in the development of our country. We will work constructively with all political parties.

We will continue to further strengthen interethnic and interfaith harmony.

Our future depends on ourselves, on the choice that each of us makes. We should always remember this.

I am confident that on January 15 the people of Kazakhstan will responsibly perform their civic duty, by coming to the polls and making a worthy choice for the development and prosperity of the country.

The choice that will allow Kazakhstan to become an even more powerful, more stable and stronger state to continue its policy reforms and innovation.

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