1 September 2017
Congratulation of the President of Kazakhstan on Kurban Ait

Dear people of Kazakhstan!

I sincerely congratulate you on the holy Kurban Ait for all Muslims of the world!

Kurban Ait is a holiday of humanism and loving-kindness, big-heartedness and charity.

On these big days, everyone who has faith in his heart, strives to do peaceful things, bringing joy to others and extending aid to the needy.

In this country, Kurban Ait encourages preserving and consolidating the unique traditions of mutual respect, friendship and unity among people of different ethnic groups and faiths.

This holiday will continue to facilitate conservation and consistent development of national identity, noble values, centuries-old cultural and historical heritage of the Kazakh nation.

In Kazakhstan, the first day of this bright holiday was specially declared a day off to create all conditions to carry out the ceremony of offering sacrifices and appeal to the Almighty with good wishes.

I congratulate everyone on the holy holiday, and I wish you good health, happiness, peace, prosperity and well-being!

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