2 June 2017
Meeting of the Republican Commission for National Symbols and Heraldry of institutional and other equated awards, chaired by Kazakhstan’s State Secretary Gulshara Abdykalikova
Astana, National Academic Library

At the meeting the Report of Culture and Sports Ministry on implementation of the Plan of Measures to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s national symbols was heard. In her speech, the State Secretary focused on the main task posed by the Head of State in Program Article "Future Outlook: Public Consciousness Improvement", i.e. "to change public consciousness in order to become a single nation of strong and responsible people". She noted that upbringing of the younger generation in the spirit of Kazakhstan's patriotism is especially important in connection with actualizing the process of public consciousness improvement that had begun.

The meeting also heard the progress reports on the use and public awareness of Kazakhstan’s state symbols, made by the heads of the ministries for investments and development and agriculture, akims of Akmola, South Kazakhstan and North Kazakhstan regions. The work of central and local executive bodies in this important area has been subjected to a comprehensive and in-depth analysis.

Government agencies executives were pointed out to the inadmissibility of the state symbols law violation, which includes maintaining continuous internal control, improvement of law enforcement practice, and increase in control of propaganda and use of state symbols.

At the end of the meeting, specific instructions and recommendations were given for further work to increase legal literacy and respect for state symbols.

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