16 April 2017
Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulates on the Easter Sunday

Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate you on the significant Easter holiday!

This day is something special in the calendar for a huge number of people on all continents, and this year it is of key importance, since the celebration of the Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholic coincides.

Our country’s residents with warm feelings celebrate Easter, as well as other important religious holidays. This unique tradition underscores the unity of our society, bolstered by the values ​​of peace, friendship and harmony.

Today’s fruitful cooperation of all faiths based on mutual respect and open dialogue is a special highlight of Kazakhstan.

The most ancient holiday of Easter symbolizes renewal, hope, and aspiration to pursue good works. All that is in tune with the actual life stage of the country, putting systemic changes into practice.

On this bright holiday, I wish the people of Kazakhstan health, family well-being, and successful endeavors!

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