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30 August 2017
The Head of State’s congratulation on the Constitution Day

Dear compatriots!

I congratulate you on the Constitution Day, a significant event for all citizens of our country!

The Basic Law, adopted 22 years before at the National Referendum, anchored the basic foundations of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a secular, legal and unitary state.

The Constitution has become a solid foundation of our independence, a guarantor of the successful development and high international authority of Kazakhstan.

It has approved the social and political unity, harmony and stability as the key values ​​of our society.

The response to the new global changes was the ongoing constitutional reform aimed at improving the effectiveness of the political system and ensuring the inviolability of our statehood.

Our Constitution is a powerful factor in the further implementation of the modernization process, strengthening of democratic principles, growth of the well-being of citizens and consolidation of society in the way of Kazakhstan's advancement to the list of 30 developed countries of the world.

With all my heart I wish peace, success and prosperity to all the nation of Kazakhstan!

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