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28 February 2019
Meeting with Natalya Godunova, Chairwoman, Accounts Committee for Control over Central Government Budget Execution

During the meeting, the Head of State listened to the report on the activities of the Accounts Committee on the results of 2018.

The President of Kazakhstan stressed the key role of the Accounts Committee in ensuring the effectiveness of developing budgetary funds.

- The main task of the Accounts Committee lies in monitoring the efficient use of state budget funds. You are facing new challenges in connection with the transition from control to auditing, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

In turn, the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee reported on the audit progress and the results of studying international experience in this field.

- We keep on working on moving towards performance audit. Last year, all violations identified were in the amount of KZT430 billion. The amount of real financial misconduct revealed without bookkeeping operation totaled KZT 16 billion, whereas in 2017 it was KZT70 billion. This shows betterment of fiscal discipline, N. Godunova said.

In addition, the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee came up with information on findings of the state and sectoral programs’ effectiveness assessment, and also reported on measures taken jointly with the Government to improve the quality of economic and financial planning.

In conclusion, the Head of State instructed the Accounts Committee to ensure proper control over actualization of social programs and initiatives announced at the XVIII Congress of Nur Otan Party.

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