20 April 2017
Meeting with representatives of Kazakhstan’s creative intellectuals

The meeting was attended by writers Beksultan Nurzhekeyev, Dulat Isabekov and Smagul Elubayev.

The head of the state greeted the public figures of Kazakhstan’s creative community and noted the great role of art and creativity in the life of an individual and society as a whole, and thanked those present for their contribution to strengthening the country's independence.

During the conversation, a wide range of matters as cultural, humanitarian, and social and political spheres of life have been touched upon, including transition to the Latin alphabet, demographic and migration policy, and the process of introducing trilingual education.

The President of Kazakhstan singled out a number of directions and priorities of the published article "Looking into the Future: Improving Public Consciousness”.

The topical issues of major creative projects implemented during the years of Independence were given consideration. In particular, it is "Madeni Mura" Program in the field of restoring historical and cultural monuments and objects on the territory of Kazakhstan, as well as "Halykh Tarikh Tolkynynda" Program, thanks to which it has become possible to systematically collect and analyze documents from the world's leading archives on our country’s history.

Nursultan Nazarbayev made a point of the need to promote the theme of patriotism, which begins with the love of small homeland.

In conclusion, the Head of the State noted the great importance of the task facing Kazakhstan’s nation to improve public consciousness and focused on the urgency to implement its provisions for the country’s progress.

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