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1 November 2017
Meeting with "Rothschild & Co" leadership

The Head of State noted the rich experience in the financial sector and stressed the international authority of "Rothschild".

- "Rothschild" company is one of the world’s oldest and largest financial institutions. You have a lot of experience working with private capital investments. This experience is important for our country, so you are now consulting the National Bank of Kazakhstan, the President of Kazakhstan said.

In turn, Eric de Rothschild thanked Nursultan Nazarbayev for the opportunity to meet and expressed his admiration for the dynamic development of Kazakhstan.

- This is my first visit to Kazakhstan. I am impressed with what I have seen for the last two days. Thanks to your work, the country will develop the best and most dynamic way in the future. Kazakhstan has a unique geographical position, being a bridge between Asia and Europe. I am impressed by your far-sighted approach, which made it possible to outline trends in economic diversification, development of industry and departure from the raw material economy, Eric de Rothschild, the Chairman of the Board, said.

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