27 December 2013
Condolences over the death of the People’s Artist of the USSR, Kazakh opera singer Roza Zhamanova to her family and relatives


The President said in the telegram that Rosa Zhamanova, being a famous artist, had devoted all her art to Kazakh Abay State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

The telegram reads, in particular:

“Thanks to her beautiful voice she sang many first arias of the Kazakh and world operas that earned her the love of the audience. She toured a lot and sang in remote rural parts and on well-known foreign stages. Besides, teaching at the conservatory, she raised many worthy successors. Her talent and hard work earned her national respect. She was once elected as a deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR and the Kazakh SSR, as well had been awarded state decorations”.

At the end of the telegram, the President noted that Roza Zhamanova’s name and art will forever remain in the hearts of the people.

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