1 January 2014
Congratulations of President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the New 2014 Year


Dear compatriots!

We are a few minutes away from the New Year.

At this exciting moment between the past and the future, we usually sum up results and build plans.

The year of 2013 has been a special year to our country.

We started implementing the “Kazakhstan-2050” Strategy.

A long way starts with the first step, and this step has been a success.

I am grateful to all the people, who as a single and friendly family are striving to meet the single goal of building a strong and thriving Kazakhstan.

At this very moment, everyone is selecting the words of best wishes to the loved ones.

To our families and friends who were always with us.

To our colleagues who supported us to work hard.

To our athletes, scientists and artists, whose victories and achievements have inspired us.

The positive energy of our thoughts and best wishes makes us a single whole.

Dear friends!

On this New Year night we are turning over a new leaf in our life and in the life of the country. All its 365 leaves are still blank.

What will be entered on them depends on each of us, on our perseverance and dedication.

I am confident that a year later we will have much to be proud of.

Together we will write another bright page in the history of Independent Kazakhstan!

In these minutes everyone is anxiously looking into the future and making wishes of most important things to himself.

I am confident they will come true!

I wish all of you happiness, good health, love and understanding!

Happy New Year, dear Kazakhstanis!

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