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6 October 2017
Final sitting of the Commission for awarding Kazakhstan’s 2017 Al-Farabi State Prize in Science and Technology, chaired by Kazakhstan’s Secretary of State

During the meeting, the Secretary of State stressed that the President of Kazakhstan, in his programmatic article "Outlook: Public Consciousness Improvement", indicated that we need openness and sensitivity to the best achievements.

Gulshara Abdykalikova noted that scientists, innovators, creative community contribute significantly to the country's economic development and strengthening the nation’s intellectual potential.

- At present the world is changing rapidly. High technology, up-dated scientific discovery, advanced knowledge-based industry; all that prompts the country to keep up with the changes, invest in innovative projects, and be competitive. Therefore, states that constantly invest in the development of science and technology are certainly in a global innovative trend, ensuring the welfare of their people, the Secretary of State said.

G.Abdykalikova stressed that Kazakhstan’s Al-Farabi State Prize in Science and Technology is the highest recognition of the merits of scientists and technicians, which is awarded once every two years, up to 7 prizes. The amount of one monetary reward of the State Prize Laureate in 2017 is KZT 18,600,000. In total, 24 works have been submitted for the award. Following the prequalification, 11 works have passed the 2nd stage.

The Commission meeting has determined the list of works recommended to the Head of State for awarding the State Prize in Science and Technology in 2017.

The President of Kazakhstan awards Kazakhstan’s Al-Farabi State Prize in Science and Technology to the Independence Day.

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