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Astana - Kazakhstan
11 February 2017
Visiting "Kyz Zhibek" opera’s opening night
Astana, Astana Opera

The National Golden Fund  property - Evgeniy Brusilovskiy’s "Kyz Zhibek" opera took place at the Great Hall.

The libretto based on the eponymous folk lyric-epic poem about Zhibek and Tulegen’s tragic love was created by an outstanding playwright and writer Gabit Musrepov. The poetic lines of legends about the tragic love of representatives of the two socially unequal tribes, as in focus, reflected many aspects of the spiritual life of the nomadic Kazakhs, their thoughts and aspirations.

Abzal Mukhitdinov, the honored worker of Kazakhstan, is a musical director and conductor and  Mikhail Pandzhavidze (Belarus) is a producer.

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