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6 May 2018
Visit to "Keruen Medicus" medical centre
Almaty, Keruen Medicus LLP

During the visit, the Head of State has familiarized with the activities of the medical centre and talked with the clinic’s staff.

- A doctor should care for a patient, pass on his energy, especially when delivering. Throughout Kazakhstan, there are many medical centres, fitted with the most modern equipment. You must remember that being a doctor is the greatest profession! I wish you success!, the President of Kazakhstan said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev has also  had a look at the modern equipment of leading manufacturers of medical equipment, such as Siemens, Karl Storz, General Electric, Drager, Hamilton and other companies.


The new building of Keruen Medicus was built in 2017; its total area is 10 thousand square meters. Here in real time, the most complex operations take place in 3D format. The medical centre co-operates with the Korean clinic Severance Hospital and the German Freiburg University Klinik, the Bundan Clinic of the Seoul National University, and the representative of the leading European clinics by Puls Global.


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