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18 September 2017
Visiting KazUpackTrade LLP
Taraz city

The Head of State was up to speed on the gypsum and plasterboard production technique at the plant. The primary activity of KazUpackTrade LLP involves manufacturing construction materials, the design capacity is 150 thousand tons per year, which allows providing 50 people with permanent jobs.

Nursultan Nazarbayev was also informed about the implementation of the State Industrial and Innovative Development Program in the region. In addition, the Head of State was reported on the planned actualization of more than 30 different projects worth KZT 557 billion, providing the opening of about 6,000 new jobs.

In turn, the President of Kazakhstan noted that because of implementing various state projects and programs, Zhambyl region should become a powerful industrial region and the major centre of the country's chemical industry.

In conclusion, the Head of State spoke with the workers and management of KazUpackTrade LLP and wished them success in their work.

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