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18 September 2017
Visiting the House of Friendship in "Ancient Taraz" Historical and Cultural Centre
Taraz city

As part of the working trip to Zhambyl region, the Head of our state familiarized himself with the new building of the House of Friendship for the regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

During the visit to the House of Friendship, Nursultan Nazarbayev talked with representatives of ethnocultural associations of Zhambyl region.

- I have arrived here after my visits to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Because of our meetings and arrangements, all barriers and obstacles that were previously present have been removed. Now there are all conditions for effective cooperation with our neighbouring states, the President of Kazakhstan said.

Separately, the Head of State dwelled on the timeliness of the "Outlook: Improving Public Consciousness" article provisions.

"The question of improving our consciousness is now more acute than ever. In the information-digital period it is impossible to stand still; it is necessary to improve and change depending on requirements and existing realities. There should be both an individual and a society competitive, - Nursultan Nazarbayev concluded.

Also, the President of Kazakhstan focused on the uniqueness of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and the importance of the state language transition to the Latin alphabet.

- I always say that the key to our development is stability, unity of the Kazakh nation. We must correctly understand the transition to the Latin alphabet, the language should serve to further unification of our people, the Head of State summed up.

After that Nursultan Nazarbayev examined the exhibits discovered during archaeological excavations conducted on the territory of "Ancient Taraz" historical and archaeological park.


To date, 175 councils of public consent, 27 councils of mothers, 12 councils of elders, 12 mediation offices, the Chair of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, a scientific and expert group, a club of masters of applied art and "Ak Zhelken" youth association are functioning in the House of Friendship.

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