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4 April 2017
Meeting with the public of Mangistau region
Aktau city

As part of the working visit to Mangistau region, the Head of State met with representatives of the public. Honored veterans, workers of industrial enterprises, youth leaders, sportsmen, heads of public organizations and ethno-cultural associations have taken part in it.

In his speech, Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted the scale of goal for the country, involving the development of Kazakhstan's global competitiveness.

The President of Kazakhstan noted the growth of Mangistau’s share in the country's industry during the years of independence.

- Mangistau region’s economy has increased significantly over the past time. Since gaining independence, the gross regional product has increased 32 times, exceeding two trillion tenge. 7 million square meters of housing have been built. In 2016, the region attracted 400 billion tenge of investments or 12 times more than in 2000, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Kazakh leader underlined Mangistau region’s significant energy, industrial and logistics and transportation potential.

- Located in the heart of Eurasia, Kazakhstan has always been considered a landlocked country. Today we have successfully coped with the continental isolation. We have put up a modern seaport in Aktau, figuratively speaking, "opened a window to the outside world", the President of Kazakhstan summed up.

The Head of the State has also mentioned "Aktau Sea Port" active special economic zone as a successful example of multi-faceted development.

Nursultan Nazarbayev particularly dwelled on the need to use the significant potential of cross-border cooperation.

- Kazakhstan has always maintained friendly relations with its neighbors. Just yesterday I visited Azerbaijan. We have lots of room for widening cooperation. Mutual trade turnover between Mangistau region and Azerbaijan has grown fivefold only in the past two years. Your region is the most important transit hub connecting Kazakhstan with global and regional markets. We must make full use of this huge potential, the Head of State stressed.

At the same time the President of Kazakhstan noted achievements in the region’s social sphere.

- The number of the region’s residents has doubled over the years of Independence, amounting to 640 thousand people, and life expectancy grows. 271,000 children had been born in the intervening years, and that is the highest rate in the country. Over 125 thousand people returned to the historical land: that is a whole city. For a quarter of a century the number of medical institutions has increased two and a half times, and schools twice. 229 kindergartens have been brought into use, Nursultan Nazarbayev noted.

In turn, E. Tugzhanov, Mangistau region’s akim, reported on the socio-economic situation in the region and the prospects for its development.

The public representatives expressed their gratitude to the Head of State for his constant attention to the issues of regional development and effective state policy.

In conclusion, the President of Kazakhstan has turned attention to the need for preserving the policy of unity, harmony and friendship, which is the key to the country’s successful development and wished all Mangistau people strong health, prosperity and well-being.

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