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9 October 2006
Head of State Nursultan Nazarbaev received the President of the National Science Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Murat Zhurinov.

Matters on developing priority scientific directions in Kazakhstan were discussed during the meeting.

- I reported to the Head of State on the results of the Academy’s work over the last three years. Since 2003 our Academy has been following the new development path, which corresponds to market economy. We refused the soviet model and adopted standards of national science academies from western countries, France, USA and others. First, the Science Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not administrate, it only supports scientific activities, designs new development paths for science, determines priority and promising branches of science for their further development in the country. Second, it promotes achievements of local scientists; publishes scientific journals and monographies, holds competitions and symposiums. Third, it performs expertise of scientific projects and programs. We have achieved some successes in all these directions. We have got the support and approval of the Head of State. This makes us optimistic and encourages us to move forward even further. I am sure that our scientists are able to achieve more, - M. Zhurinov said at a press briefing for journalists.

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