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13 October 2006
Head of State Nursultan Nazarbaev took part in a solemn sitting devoted to the 60th anniversary of the National Science Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was held in Almaty.

The President congratulated the audience on the Academy’s jubilee and pointed out that under new conditions the Science Academy would become an efficiently acting organization assisting to the dynamic development of science in Kazakhstan.    
- We must accelerate the mobilization of the scientific technical potential of the country in order to implement an innovative and technological breakthrough, concentrate resources to develop priority scientific branches, and create conditions for the active usage of scientific achievements in industry.  It is scientific technical resources that will be the main factor of innovative development. The key missions of the National Science Academy are to cultivate the atmosphere of unbreakable scientific search, acquirement of advanced knowledge, spiritual development of our society, - Nursultan Nazarbaev said in his speech. 

President Murat Zhurinov of the National Science Academy presented the Head of State with “Large golden medal”, the highest award of the NSA of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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