27 March 2006
Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev met with Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE, Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht.

Discussed during the meeting question were on broadening collaboration between our country and OSCE, and also on developing trade economical relationships between Kazakhstan and Belgium.

Chairman-in-Office of OSCE said on the press-conference for journalists: “I did it (spoke to the President), first of all, as a Chairman-in-Office of OSCE and, secondly, as a Foreign Minister of my own country, of Belgium. … Central Asia is a very important region for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and Kazakhstan is a very important country in this region. Moreover, your country has an ambition of chairing OSCE in the near future, so it was very important to discuss “eyeball to eyeball” what the OSCE could mean for Kazakhstan and also what Kazakhstan could mean for OSCE. It would be very important if in the near future OSCE could be chaired by a country to the East of Vienna, and especially by a country from Central Asia. Kazakhstan is most indicative country for fulfilling that kind of job”.

Karel De Gucht also noticed “the climate of tolerance in this country, which is very important at this critical moment in relation between civilizations”. He also made an accent on stable economical growth and diversification of the country’s economy.

Karel De Gucht emphasized:”Stability is also very important in this region, and, I think all of us should welcome the economic development and also diversification of the economy of Kazakhstan, which are important building stones for sustainable democracy. But I have also put a lot of emphasis on the importance of political reform in this country, and I hope that the State Commission, which has been established to this purpose, and which is headed by the President himself, will develop far-reaching proposals in the near future”.

The diplomat also noticed intentions of OSCE for active collaboration with Kazakhstan.

He emphasized: “I think, it is important, that in the Central Asian region you have a country that is a forerunner, and will, in fact, from inside of Central Asia region spread economical growth, tolerance, stability, and also democratization. … Democracy is not an implant, not something you can put as an alien body, it is a plant that has to grow and to flourish”.

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