30 March 2006
Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev met with Ermukhamet Ertysbaev, Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Minister reported to the President on main directions of work of the Ministry in culture area, interaction with non-governmental organizations, mass-media.  


E. Ertysbaev said on the briefing for journalists: “The Head of the State gave a task to complete the program “Cultural heritage” this year, and to report on its results. The program and its significance have no analogue in countries of CIS. Next year the Ministry will fund other analogous cultural programs

The Ministry’s position on nongovernmental organizations has been completely supported. Besides allocated from the budget 128 million tenges, additional 200 million tenges will be granted for supporting NGO.

As concerns mass media, a task for regulating the situation, I mean in lawful, legislative ways, has been given, because existing media structure, especially I mean the owners of electronic mass media, though is not suspicious, but in any case raises some questions. We are going to solve these questions, but only within the Constitution and the laws, taking into account interests of the state and Kazakhstan ’s information security”.    

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