17 January 2018
Briefing for the media following talks with Donald Tramp, President of the United States of America
United States of America, Washington, DC

During the briefing, the Head of State expressed his gratitude to Donald Trump for the invitation to visit Washington. The President of Kazakhstan, positively noting the results of the talks, dwelt on the issues of further strengthening the relationship between Kazakhstan and the United States.

- I am sure that the result of my visit will be the decision to raise Kazakhstan-US relations to the level of an expanded strategic partnership. Therefore, today we have adopted a corresponding joint political statement that will give a start to a new era of relations between Astana and Washington, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State expressed interest in strengthening US cooperation with Central Asian countries in "5+1" format. The President of Kazakhstan pointed to the effective cooperation of Astana and Washington in strengthening international security and jointly overcoming current challenges and threats.

- Kazakhstan actively supported the US fight against terrorism in 2001, and now supports the great work being carried out in Afghanistan. The presence of US troops in Afghanistan is not just a matter for the US, but for the whole world, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State noted the humanitarian assistance provided by Kazakhstan to Afghanistan.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan stated that during the talks issues related to the situation around North Korea, as well as tensions in relations between Washington and Moscow were taken into consideration.

- We discussed global issues concerning North Korea. Kazakhstan abandoned the world's fourth nuclear arsenal and closed the world's largest test site. We have a moral right to propose nuclear countries to do as we did. Therefore, we talked with Iran. It is important for North Korea to solve the problem by joint efforts of the US, China and Russia, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of State also dwelled on the current issues of economic cooperation between the two countries and prospects for their strengthening.

- 50 billion dollars of investments were received from large US oil companies in Kazakhstan. Today we will take part in a round table with representatives of large American business, where more than 20 contracts worth more than $ 7.5 billion will be inked. In addition, we have introduced a visa-free regime for US citizens, and we hope for a response, the President of Kazakhstan said.

In conclusion, the Head of State praised the economic progress of the United States under the leadership of Donald Trump.

The US President also noted the importance of the dialogue held and pointed to the strategic importance of cooperation between the two countries.

- We are very happy to receive you in the White House. Thank you for visiting us today to conduct an important dialogue on the relationship between our countries. For more than a quarter of a century, the United States has viewed Kazakhstan, this strong, sovereign and independent country as a valuable friend and strategic partner in Central Asia, Donald Trump said.

The Head of the White House stressed the joint efforts of Kazakhstan and the United States in the matter of nuclear non-proliferation and strengthening of regional security.

- The United States and Kazakhstan have worked together to promote peace and security in the region and beyond. Together we tackled the fact that we dismantled nuclear weapons and its infrastructure in Kazakhstan, thereby we also provided a safer and healthier future for our children. Today the President of Kazakhstan and I conduct a dialogue on how our relations can contribute to security, prosperity and well-being of our nations. Kazakhstan is an extremely valuable partner in our efforts to bring about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Moreover, today we are determined not to allow the regime in North Korea to threaten the entire world with a nuclear catastrophe, the US President said.

Donald Trump thanked the President of Kazakhstan for his efforts in resolving the issue around Afghanistan.

-I highly appreciate that the President personally assured me that Kazakhstan would continue to exercise extremely important support from our armed forces that are at war with ISIS and the Taliban, said the Head of the White House.

Donald Trump also spoke about the US desire to strengthen cooperation with countries like Kazakhstan that respect their neighbours and control their own destiny.

- I am very pleased that the President told me that Kazakhstan plans to enter the first 30 global economies by 2050. He is also working to improve the business climate in Kazakhstan. This will create new opportunities for US companies, which also means creating new jobs, the US President said.

At the end of his speech Donald Trump again noted Nursultan Nazarbayev’s part in the development and prosperity of Kazakhstan.

- I look forward to seeing the great progress that Kazakhstan’s nation has made under your excellent leadership. We would like Kazakhstan to have a good, sovereign and prosperous future, and we wish the same to all peace-loving peoples of the world, absolutely everything, Donald Trump concluded.

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