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19 July 2018
Telegram of condolences to relatives and friends of Denis Ten

The Head of State expressed his condolences to the family of Kazakhstan’s Honored Master of Sports Denis Ten in connection with his tragic death.

"I was deeply saddened by the news of the tragic death of Denis Y. Ten, a famous Kazakhstani athlete, the bronze medallist of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Please accept my condolences in connection with this irreparable loss.

He made a significant contribution to the formation and development of the national figure skating school, promotion of Kazakhstan's sport at the highest level. His outstanding achievements have glorified our country, contributing to popularization of sport among the youth.

Denis was not only an outstanding athlete, whose talent was recognized and revered in many countries of the world, but also an outstanding personality and a true patriot of Kazakhstan.

Bright memory of Denis Ten will always remain in our hearts," the telegram reads.

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