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31 December 2018
Telegram of condolences to Sultan Dzhienbayev’s family and relatives

The President of Kazakhstan, sharing the bitterness of the loss, expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the Great Patriotic War veteran, the famous statesman and public figure Sultan Dzhienbayev, on his death.

“Having shown courage at the front line, in peacetime, Sultan Suleimenovich, holding high positions, showed himself as a strong leader and skillful organizer, making a significant contribution to the strengthening and prosperity of the country. Over the years, being the Minister of Commerce and Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers, he put a lot of effort into developing the spheres he headed in accordance with the challenges of the times.

And being retired, Sultan Suleimenovich did not lose contact with public life and always worked to strengthen the friendship and solidarity of the people of our independent country.

I am sure that the name and work of a patriot who loved his nation, a wise aksakal, will forever remain in the memory of Kazakhstan’s nation,” the telegram says.

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