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4 June 2009
On 3-4 June State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabayev Visits Zhambyl Region for Working Trip

During the trip the State Secretary got acquainted with the socioeconomic situation in the region and the course of implementation of the presidential instructions set forth in the Address to the People of Kazakhstan.

Kanat Saudabayev visited a number of functioning social objects and those under construction as well agricultural and industrial enterprises of the region and its administrative center. He visited a new high school № 54, the city maternity hospital, got acquainted with the course of construction of the Baiterek microdistrict, and visited the Medeuov hothouse, the Khalilov Aubakir farm partnership, the tomato plantation of the Yuzhagrocontract LLA, the Imstalkon plant and other enterprises.

The State Secretary then took part in the expanded meeting of the political council of the Nur Otan party’s regional affiliate.

The State Secretary called the party members and leaders of all levels to make every effort for implementation of the presidential instructions and the Road Map of anti-crisis measures of the Government.

“The speech delivered by the head of state, the Chairperson of the party at the congress showed not only a way out of the crisis but outlined prospects for further development of the country. Traditional stability in the society, considerable reserves of economic strength, and political will of President Nursultan Nazarbayev is a reliable basis for Kazakhstan to get stronger and be confident in the future after the crisis,” Kanat Saudabayev stated.

The State Secretary underlined that “the Zhambyl Region is being adequately coped with current hardships and could suffer minimum losses after the crisis.

At the conclusion of his trip, the State Secretary took part in the opening ceremony of the patriotic campaign “Menin Kazakhstanym” (My Kazakhstan) devoted to the Day of State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“Your enthusiasm, youthful maximalism, heartfelt and sincere feeling of pride in your country and the President is a right and vivid proof of Kazakhstan’s worthy future. It is up to you to implement the president’s ambitious program on further development of Kazakhstan to enter the list of most developed and prosperous countries of the world,” Kanat Saudabayev highlighted, addressing the young activists gathered in Taraz from all the regions of the country.

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