4 June 2007
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Attends the 'Menin Kazakstanym' Nationwide Youth Forum of the Nur Otan Political Party Devoted to the 15th Anniversary of State Symbols

One hundred seventy delegations of youth organizations from all regions of the country participated in the forum, which gathered together famous sportsmen, workers of art and culture. Youth meetings supporting the forum were held in regional centers and large cities throughout Kazakhstan, which were receiving live translations from Astana.

The President congratulated the forum’s participants and all Kazakhstani people on the 15th anniversary of state symbols.

“On 4 June, 1992, the new state symbols of independent Kazakhstan were approved for the first time. That day will always remain in the history of our country as the birthday of new state symbolism.

The blue flag with gold sun and an eagle’s aerial silhouette, Coat of arms with shanyrak image in its center symbolizing the common house to all Kazakhstani people have demonstrated the image of a new independent state named Kazakhstan to the whole world.

With trepidation I recall the moments when I saw our flag flattering before the UN headquarters in New York, when our anthem sounded at the Olympic Games in Atlanta announcing victories of Kazakhstani sportsmen, when for the first time I saw our Coat of arms imprinted in the coins and notes of our national currency tenge. Our state symbols have been in space together with our first astronauts,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The President underscored that state symbols have been the firm foundation to the state and its sovereignty.

Nursultan Nazarbayev said while addressing the young people:

“Love to Motherland, pride of own country begin with respect to its symbols. Therefore in all times, state symbols are the subject of national pride. Consequently, they are treated in a special way.

Many of you have traveled abroad and have witnessed how simple citizens honor and respect their flag. The day of state flag, coat of arms and anthem is celebrated in many countries. It is time to found these traditions in our country.”

The Head of State noted that he had signed the new constitutional law “On state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. The law includes amendments that aimed at strengthening the status of state symbols. For example, these are compulsory performance of anthem at radio and television channels at the beginning and the end of broadcasting, free use of state flags not only by organizations, but also by citizens. Today, the President confirmed the 4th of June to be the Day of state symbols of Kazakhstan.

“I am confident this Day of state symbols will be one of the most favorite holidays celebrating by our people in each Kazakhstani family and house. On this day, a variety of patriotic actions and events devoted to our youth will be held throughout the country every year. The most important thing to us is our confidence in the prosperous future of young Kazakhstani people of different ethnic origins together singing ‘Menin Kazakstanym’ in Astana, Almaty and other places of our great Motherland,” the President said.

Shota Ualikhanov and Shaken Niyazbekov, the designers of the state flag and coat of arms and also Zhamilia Kaldaiakova, the spouse of famous composer Shamshi Kaldaiakov, one of the authors of the ‘Menin Kazakstanym’ anthem addressed their message to the President and participants of the forum during a live translation from Almaty.

Scholars of the Bolashak scholarship studying abroad talked about the importance of state symbols in strengthening patriotism in their video message.

Young astronauts Mukhtar Aimakhanov and Aidyn Aimbetov greeted the forum’s participants form the Baikonyr space center.

The forum was finished with the collective performance of the Elim Menin song.

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