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1 January 2012
The 2012 New Year greeting of the Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Dear Kazakhstanis!

At these joyful moments we solemnly bid farewell to 2011.

It was a year of the 20th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan.

The past two decades are only an introduction of a great chronicle of our new country.

Kazakhstan has worthily overcome this historic landmark.

We became a strong, modern and honorable state in the whole world.

We became one of the three countries with the most dynamic economy.

The living standards of the Kazakhstani people have risen.

Pensions and salaries of public sector employees were increased by a third.

A symbol of our victories and achievements - "Mangilik Yel" Triumphal Arch - was unveiled in Astana.

Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia have adopted the historic Declaration on the Eurasian economic integration.

I want to thank you, my dear Kazakhstanis, once more!

For your support of my course and high confidence, which you rendered me at the presidential elections this year.

For your wisdom, ambitiousness and unity!

These important qualities of our people are manifested in critical moments of the history.

As it was in the last days of the outgoing year.

We proved that the Kazakhstanis are united people who keep peace in the country, honor the traditions of peace and harmony, creativity and friendship.

We will always protect our unity!

My dear Kazakhstanis!

We expect new opportunities and new achievements in the upcoming 2012.

Our key task is improvement of well-being of all Kazakhstani people.

I am convinced that in the New Year Kazakhstan will be stronger thanks to the unity of our people, selfless work, and growth of prosperity and welfare of the citizens!

Dear friends!

This solemn moment of New Year 2012 is filled with joy and warmth in every Kazakhstani family.

Together we open a door to the future.

I wish you health, peace and welfare, dear compatriots!

Happy New Year!

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