14 September 2005
The Head of State N.Nazarbayev as a candidate to the post of the President of Kazakhstan from “Otan” party confirmed free knowledge of the state language before the Central Elections Commission.

According to the Resolution of the Central Elections Commission № 12/26 of August 31, 2005 N.Nazarbayev fulfilled the written task, read a text and made a public statement on the themes suggested by the linguistic commission. The members of the linguistic commission came to the conclusion that N.Nazarbayev perfectly knew the state language.

At the briefing with journalists the Head of State said:

- I have issued the Decree on ensuring transparent elections and I will demand the observance of this Decree's clauses from all executive bodies. The elections should be free, transparent and the state has to care about holding such elections. Secondly, as I have already spoken I am not going to make any special election campaign, because I think my publicity campaign is what I have done during all these years and Kazakhstani people know about it. As for the next seven years I have clearly said about it in my speeches this year, especially on September 1 on the opening of our Parliament's session. Thirdly, according to our election legislation the election should be equal to all candidates giving them equal opportunities. The law is one for all. All candidates including that from opposition must observe the Law on elections, the Constitution and other laws of our country. Such approach will secure one more historically important stage of our development when competiton, propaganda, PR-campaign will be run in a civilized way not breaking the Constitution and the laws. We have to lay the foundations of such approach. And finally, I have already said anmd want to say it again that according to the clauses of the Decree law-enforcement authorities are to strictly observe the execution of our legislation by the candidates and their proxies. It also concerns non-governmental Kazakhstani and international organizations. We won’t permit interference in the domestic affairs of the country by the way of financing of political parties and public organizations or by rendering support to one or another candidate because it is prohibited by the Constitution and the laws of our country.

I call the attention of all kazakhstani people to seriuosly regard of this historic moment. Preservation of political stability, public order in our country and international accord is a key to our success in the future.

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