1 September 2010
The Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev opened the fourth session of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the fourth call and spoke before the members of Senate and Majilis




The President noted that the results of the third session show increase of the quality of the legislative work.

- The legal base of the country was strengthened by the laws aimed at reforming the law-enforcement bodies, intensification of struggle with criminality and corruption. The norms about the financial and economic relations, budget and tariff policy, sphere of the taxation were advanced. The legislative bases for stimulation of energy saving and rational use of water resources were created. The large block of the new legislation was created to support separate categories of the citizens and maintain a guaranteed volume of free-of-charge medical aid to the population, - said the Head of state.

The parliament ratified more than 35 international documents signed by Kazakhstan. The legal basis of the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus was formed. The uniform Customs Code and other acts opening a way to creation of uniform economic space of three countries was accepted.

The President thanked the deputies for constructive work and noted that during the present session the main task of the legislative work is the legal maintenance of the Strategic plan of development till 2020. The bills aimed at perfection of the approval system, of the competence of state bodies in the sphere of acceptance of the normative legal acts establishing requirements to the checked subjects need urgent consideration. It is necessary to lessen administrative load on business, simplify approving procedures, including licensing, certification and accreditation. It is necessary to make changes and amendments to the laws regulating activity of banks and financial organizations as a part of minimization of risks.

In the forthcoming period it is important to consider the bill “About industrial policy”, new editions of the laws “About science”, “About state regulation of manufacture and use of separate types of petroleum products”, “About special economic zones”. It is necessary to improve legislative base on the activity of farmer facilities, organizations working in sphere of electric power industry.

The President mentioned the Summit of the heads of OSCE states in December 1-2 in Astana. The heads of fifty five countries-members of the OSCE will arrive to Kazakhstan.

- The realization of the global forum of such level will not only raise the authority of Kazakhstan in the world. It would also give an impulse to the development of the country; strengthen the unity and patriotism of Kazakhstani citizens. I am convinced that we shall solve all questions on preparation to the Summit. Let's show to the world our hospitality, openness and responsibility, - said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The President also mentioned the fact that in 2011 Kazakhstan will mark the 20-years’ anniversary of the Independence. To celebrate it suitably is the patriotic duty of every Kazakhstani citizen!

- It is important that millions of the citizens show their civil activity, participate in building of the new industrial Kazakhstan, engage in business, find their place in the development of the country. In the near future new large manufactures, roads, social objects will be put into operation. Government, the local bodies of authority should provide all those wishing to work by jobs, help to get a speciality, especially to the youth. We cannot forget about small issues. Each city, village should become cleaner, more beautiful, and more convenient for life. We should still make a lot so that our Kazakhstan successfully enter the third decade of the Independence! - emphasized the Head of state.

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