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1 March 2006
The Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev delivered a speech with Address to the People of Kazakhstan on joint session of the Palates of Parliament about situation in the country and main directions of internal and external policies.



This year’s annual Address is devoted to Kazakhstan's Strategy of joining  the fifty most competitive countries in the world.

Nursultan Nazarbaev said: “Today Kazakhstan is on the border of a new stage of social economical modernization and political democracy”

The President has presented seven main priorities for Kazakhstan for becoming one of the most competitive and dynamically developing countries in the world.

These main priorities are as follows: firstly, successful integration of Kazakhstan into the world economy as a base of qualitative breakthrough in economical development of the country; secondly, further modernization and diversification of the national economy as a fundament of stable economical growth; thirdly, a modern social policy protecting the most vulnerable stratums of the society and supporting development of the economy; fourthly, development of modern education, uninterrupted improvement of qualification and re-qualification of personnel and further prosperity of the culture of the people of Kazakhstan; fifthly, further development of democracy and modernization of the political system; sixthly, realization of strategy of national security, that is adequate to modern threats and challenges; seventhly, further realization of balanced and responsible external political course taking into account interests of Kazakhstan and dynamics of regional and world development.

Concrete missions are given to the Government in the Address for practical realization of the all above-mentioned priorities.

Nursultan Nazarbaev said to kazakhstanies: “There are not unachievable purposes for a united nation, which lives in peace and prosperity. We have proved it by work, by our unity for prosperity of our Country. My hopes are with you. As usual, I rely on your understanding and support in these new and tremendous in scale beginnings.

To see the full text of the Strategy of joining Kazakhstan the fifty most competitive countries in the world press

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