15 March 2006
The Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev gave an audience to the Minister of Transport and Communications Askar Mamin.

The Minister reported to the President on the plan of the Strategy of development of country infrastructure for realizing the Transport Strategy of Kazakhstan until 2015. 

A. Mamin said on the briefing for journalists: “On the instructions of the President the Ministry has developed this transport strategy of Kazakhstan until 2015, its main purpose is creation of intercontinental economical bridge between Europe and Asia. In order to do this it is necessary to build an effective transport structure. We are planning to build more then 50 thousand kilometers of automobile roads, about 2 thousand kilometers of railroads, to electrify 2.5 thousand kilometers of railroads. Also we will develop such ports as Aktau,  Bautino, Kuryk. A serious attention will be focused on developing aviation: we will build a modern park of aircrafts, new terminals and runaways. Thus, we are planning to form an effective transport infrastructure over the period of the next 10 years.” 

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