29 May 2007
The People of the Chechen Republic Express Deep Gratitude to the President and People of Kazakhstan for Their Disinterested Help.

A new five-store housing building containing 60 flats was opened during a solemn ceremony on 28 May, 2007, which was built at the expense of the Kazakhstan Government. As Russian media say, the building is called “Kazakh” one by the locals.

President Ramzan Kadyrov of the Chechen Republic noted at the opening ceremony that “friendship between Chechen and Kazakh people strengthened by the years of difficulties and successes has become a form of brotherhood.”

“We very high appreciated this in 1944, in the exile years, when Kazakh people helped us. Today, we are witnessing one more time the unselfishness of our brothers. We participate in the opening of the new house that will be a memorial of our long-standing friendship. Together, we have built this wonderful building, in which its residents will celebrate their house-warming soon. The completion of the next block of flats is an event demonstrating that there is peace in the Chechen Republic. Today, not only I, but also all Chechen people express their sincere thankfulness to President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan for the disinterested help,” Ramzan Kadyrov emphasized and assured that this building would become “the house of friendship.”

The Regnum information agency also reports Kazakhstan’s government has allocated 15 millions of rubles on purchasing communal special machinery for the city of Groznyy.

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