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7 September 2008
The State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabayev took part at the opening ceremony of the 5th International Cinema Festival “Eurasia” in Astana.

In his introductory word the State Secretary said that without the richness and diversity of the national culture, the country in the modern world can be neither developed nor competitive. That is why the state supports our culture. The vivid example is the development of the Kazakh cinema. We all remember “the new wave” of the Kazakh cinema of the 80s that gave a significant impulse to its development. One can tell now that during the last years the cinema of the independent Kazakhstan goes through a renaissance.

The budgetary financing of the national cinema industry was substantially increased, we now have a new group of talented moviemakers. Kazakhstani films and their creators become the participants and prize-winners of the most prestigious international cinema competitions, the international cooperation between the moviemakers is extending. Thus our cinema art today opens Kazakhstan to the world and opens the world to Kazakhstan.

– The independent Kazakhstan is only 17 years old, but for the depth and cardinality of the changes these years equal an epoch, - said K.Saudabayev. – I think that the artistic comprehension of the historical achievements in our country and society is the most actual and first-rate task for the Kazakhstani artists.

Having noted that the Head of State constantly stands up for the peace, mutual understanding and cooperation in Eurasia and supports the development of the national culture, the State Secretary said the another prove for that is the greeting by the President to the participants and guests of the festival:

“The festival takes its strength and becomes an integral part of the cultural life of our country. It fulfills an important task of propagating the highest principles of humanism, embodied in the best films of the local and world cinema, helps the artistic exchange between the moviemakers of Eurasia.

It is remarkable that the 5th anniversary cinema festival is conducted in Astana that had its own 10th anniversary this year. I’m sure that the guests and participants of the cinema forum would see and feel the development dynamics of our young state not only through the films but also through the atmosphere of our new capital.

Let this cinema festival carry on the traditions of friendship and cooperation of moviemakers of Central Asia, as this year we have focused our attention on the cinema of our region so that we could show the world oor authentic national cinema.

I’m sure that your artistic forum will be remembered by its participants and guests through the vivid, interesting and deep artworks, the best of which will be marked by the competent jury.

Wish you success, inspiration and all the best!”

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