6 March 2012
Today in Akorda President Nursultan Nazarbayev Chairs First for the Current Year Security Council Meeting

The meeting’s agenda included two issues – on the status of water security, as well as military, economic and military-technical activities of the law-enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan.

Opening the meeting, the President emphasized that water security was a topical issue for many states, including Kazakhstan. The main «hot spots» of this area are related to the contamination of water sources, the use of outdated water technologies in various spheres of economy, as well as the issues on water allocation in trans-boundary rivers.

Following the meeting, President Nursultan Nazarbayev asked for the need to improve the hydroeconomic activities, for prevention in the reduction of water resources, for measures for the effective execution of the Akbulak programme, as well as for more control over the conditions and safe operation of hydro-technical structures.

Considering the second issue of the meeting’s agenda, the President emphasized that the increase in security, defence and public order is one of the priorities in the state policy.

Over the past few years, the country has significantly increased the volume of procurement contracts, which proves new conditions for the development of the logistics of the law-enforcement structures of Kazakhstan.

Besides, in October last year, the country adopted a new military doctrine with the military-economic support becoming an essential part of the document.

Minister of Defence A.Dzhaksybekov delivered a report, as well as head of the National Security Committee, Interior Affairs Ministry, and other state authorities delivered their speech on corresponding issues.

The head of state emphasized that the working condition of the equipment and maintenance bases should meet modern requirements.

Therefore, the state should efficiently utilize the money allocated for the realization of the state procurement in order to provide a balance between the needs and economic opportunities of the country.

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