2 September 2008
Today on the joint sitting of the houses of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev announced the opening of the second session of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the fourth convocation.



The President noted that the Government of the country had worked out and introduced to the Parliament the bills – Tax and Budget Codes, three-year budget and the bill on the competition, which are strategically important for the current stage of the country’s development.

As the Head of State has underlined, the three-year budget also provides for the increase of the salaries to the employees of budgetary sphere twice until 2012, including the 25% increase in 2009, 25% - in 2010 and 30% - in 2011.The list of specialists who get the additional payment for the unhealthy conditions of work is extended. For that purposes in 2009 4,3 bln. tenge will be ear-marked, in 2010 – 5,4 bln. tenge, in 2011 – 7,1 bln. tenge. In addition, by the offer of the “Nur Otan” Party, the President charged the Government with the task to accomplish the step-by-step increase of the scholarships for the students by 25% in 2009, 25% in 2010 and 30% in 2011.

- Thus, we implement all social obligations that we shouldered earlier. All these measures were provided in the pre-election programme of the “Nur Otan” Party. And we proved once more that “Nur Otan” is the party of real actions where the words and deeds are never at variance!, said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

- I ask you to consider and accept these bills until the end of the year, so that starting from 2009 we could work in the new legal frames.

The Head of State listed the range of other important bills that should be presented to the Parliament in the nearest future. A huge work has to be done to create the legal basis for the further democratization in the country. It is necessary to consider the bills aimed at the fulfillment of the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan accepted last year.

Besides, Nursultan Nazarbayev marked the need to create the legal mechanism that allows forming the Parliament with the participation of not less than two parties. Another important issue is the further liberalization in the sphere of the mass media.

In connection to that, the bills on introducing the changes and supplements to the Constitutional Law “On elections”, laws “On political parties”, “On mass media” and other laws will soon be presented to the Parliament.

- The approval of these bills is going to be an important stage in the political reforms of the country, said the President.

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