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Today the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev Holds Meeting on Issues of the Country’s Socio-Economic Development

July 13, 2012


The meeting was attended by Prime Minister K.Massimov, Secretary of State M.Kul-Mukhammed, Head of the President’s Executive Office A.Musin, Deputy Head of the President’s Executive Office B.Mailybaev, Deputy Prime Minister E.Orynbayev, Minister of Economic Development and Trade B.Sagintayev, Minister of Finance B.Zhamishev, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population G.Abdykalikova, Minister of Education and Science B.Zhumagulov, Minister of Culture and information D.Mynbay, Head of the Central Office of the “Nur Otan” People’s Democratic Party K.Aksakalov.

Opening the meeting, the Head of State noted that despite uncertain situation in the world economy and foreign markets, Kazakhstan’s economy showed positive dynamics. The country’s GDP growth made 5.6 percent, the population’s real earnings grew by nearly 13 percent, salaries increased by nearly 12 percent. At the same time inflation in the period of January-June made up 2.7 percent.

“We need to discuss the ways of implementation of the instructions that I gave in the article “Social Modernisation of Kazakhstan: Twenty Steps to the Society of Universal Labour”. Our achievements should be directed at improving the lives of people, common people. We have developed the necessary programs and sufficient funds for their implementation have been allocated. Now they should be implemented properly at the local level. All of this should motivate our society to build a society of labour. Only those who work hard will be successful and affluent. The 20 instructions spelled out in the article are for deepening of the social modernisation process of in our country. We have gathered today to determine the ways of implementation of these instructions,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

During the meeting Prime Minister K.Massimov noted that 20 important tasks are set in the article and they should be implemented through specific activities.

“In accordance with your Address, basic programs on social modernisation have already been adopted. Now it is very important, according to new requirements, to work on their substance so that we could strengthen provisions discussed in the article. According to the plan, implementation of activities will be focused on 5 basic directions.

First - updating of the social legislation. Second - creation of an effective model of socio-labor relations. Third - improvement of Kazakhstanis’ life quality, with an accent on their labour activity. Fourth - development of an informational-cultural component of the social modernisation. Fifth – establishment of the effective system of public management of social processes.

All provisions will be thoroughly worked on, corresponding decisions will be made and submitted to your consideration. And after approval we will start implementation.

Ministers of labour and social protection of population, finance, economic development and trade, science and education, culture and information also made their reports.

The Head of State underscored that the ideology of the labour society establishment can become a basis for the modern economy resistant to crises. Therefore issues of social support and payments should correspond to the national economy’s capacity, while the idea of social justice should not be distorted.

“About 4.2 million people in Kazakhstan receive social payments, benefits and pensions. The sum of payments this year made up 1.1 trillion tenge. Not all countries are able to maintain such a high level of social policy. We are capable to do it, therefore we call Kazakhstan a social state. Meanwhile the current situation in the world economy is not too optimistical. Therefore I pay attention to a number of important points.

Firstly, most of my instructions given in the article are not too costly. Those are law-making and organizational measures. All conceptual documents that I instruct to develop and adopt should be specific and focused. The timeframes for their effective elaboration should be sufficient. I instruct the Prime Minister to personally supervise the course of preparation of these documents.

Secondly, I have in fact put forward the new ideology of development that is called the Society of Universal Labour. Therefore, it is important not to just implement all 20 instructions. It is important to provide large scale ideological, as well as informational and political work both at national and regional levels. The media have started the publicity campaign. At the same time, the Government, all central and local state bodies and public institutions should be involved in this work,” the Head of State noted.

The Head of State instructed the Government to develop and adopt a Plan of implementation of 20-commissions on social modernisation and to provide overall informational support of the Government’s relative activity. The President instructed the Office of the “Nur Otan” PDP together with the chief staff of the party’s fractions in Mazhilis and maslikhats to provide active participation of deputies in informational work and implementation of the initiatives.

Summing up the meeting, the Head of State noted that personal responsibility for implementation of the tasks has increased. It is important, that every Kazakhstani understood the necessity of labour activity for his own sake and for overall welfare and prosperity. It is imperative to involve akims (mayors and governors) at all levels, the “Nur Otan” party, the Government and state bodies into this work while determining responsible persons and concrete timeframes or implementation of the plan.


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