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Astana, Kazakhstan

Today President Nursultan Nazarbayev Unveils New Khazret Sultan Cathedral Mosque

July 6, 2012

The new cathedral mosque is one of the most beautiful architectural buildings of the capital and embodies the spiritual richness of the people of Kazakhstan. It is also the biggest mosque in Central Asia and will be able to accommodate up to 10 000 people.

“Today, on the Capital Day, we have opened this magnificent mosque. It is symbolic that this date coincided with a holy day for all Muslims, the Friday. I heartily congratulate you on this bright event. Today, all Kazakhstanis of different faiths live in peace and harmony. Mosques, Orthodox churches and synagogues peacefully coexist in our country. It is a result of our inter-religious harmony and tolerance. So, the opening of the new Khazret Sultan Mosque, which is the largest and the most magnificent in the country, is a feast for all Kazakhstanis. A new cultural facility, named after a great teacher Khoja Ahmed Yassawi is a visible symbol of the continuity of the spiritual traditions of our people. The new Khazret Sultan Mosque is designed to be a multifunctional, spiritual, cultural and educational center of the Muslims of Kazakhstan. At the heart of every religion is a call for peace and compassionate. Islam, like other world religions, is a religion of kindness and peace. I congratulate all people of our country on this holiday and express confidence that the Khazret Sultan Mosque will serve to strengthen spiritual values ​​of our people,” the President said.

The project has been executed in classical Islamic style of architecture, taking into account traditional Kazakh ornaments and decorative items. The complex consists of three floors with the hall for wedding receptions and other premises and facilities on the first floor. There are also indoor praying space for 4 000 men on the second floor. The third floor includes women’s prayer area, seating up to 1 000 persons.

The territory is landscaped, there are five fountains, decorative lighting of facades and territories. The complex includes a parking for 745 cars.  

The total area of the mosque is 17, 000 square meters. The structure also covers four 77-metered minarets. The height of the main dome is 51 meters; its diameter is 28 meters.

The location of the new Khazret Sultan Mosque near the Independence Palace, the Palace of Peace and Accord, and the Kazakh Yeli Monument forms a unique united town-planning group of the city’s architectural constructions.

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan