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2 August 2005
Our state leader Nursultan Nazarbayev received a letter from US President George Bush, where the latter shares his views on a wide range of Kazakhstan-American relations, current situation and outlook for our country’s development, defined in KZ leader’s Address.

At the beginning of his message US leader recalls bilateral meeting, held within 60th WW II victory celebrations in Moscow this May, an important reminder we must remain vigilant in countering and eradication of the forces of tyranny and barbarism.

Development of relations with Kazakhstan is a priority direction of US foreign policy in Central Asia. It is based on strategic partnership and mutual trust. Solid contract-legal basis of cooperation with 94 agreements has been created.

In his message G.Bush stresses US sees in Kazakhstan a strategic partner in CA and appreciates our strong support of their democratic efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. They highly assess cooperation in fighting terrorism in the recent months and are willing to expand it.

Priority directions of bilateral cooperation of late have been combating international terrorism, cooperation in energetic, military-technical areas, between law enforcement bodies and in mass annihilation weapons non-proliferation.

It is known Kazakhstan is member of coalition of international forces in Iraq. KZ engineering battalion has deactivated many explosives and returned to normal life schools, hospitals and other objects.

American side has reaffirmed more than once they regard Kazakhstan not only as reliable ally and important economic partner, but also as a state, that ”in these hard times contributes significantly to mutual understanding and stability in the world”.

US president underlined, that recent bilateral discussions with N.Nazarbayev, including the one with US minister of energy Bodman rendered a new impetus to our partnership in energetic area and cooperation in reforms.

Today US is main investor into KZ economy and major trade partner of Kazakhstan. In the last year alone bilateral turnover made up $ 835,8 mln. Third of direct investments (over $8 bln) attracted to KZ economy are American.

Recent events in the region show importance of balanced economic growth, responsible leadership and development of democracy, the letter goes on to say.

KZ economic results are impressive and US remain committed to working with us through Agency for US international development to support our small and medium-scale business and accession to WTO. Stability and prosperity of our country, the letter says, is exemplary to other states of the region.

Underlining importance of new goals of social, economic and political modernization in KZ, defined in the Address, the American leader appealed to our President to back up economic reforms by an equally bold democratic reform in Kazakhstan.

Progress in this direction, for example by means of free and fair presidential election, complying with international standards will provide strong political and moral mandate for fulfilling the goals, set in February Address in case our President decides to run for another term in office.

The letter also contains wishes for civil development in our country.

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