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12 November 2010
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Receives Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Nikolay Bordyuzha

Nikolai Bordyuzha informed the President on the course of preparation to the forthcoming session of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to be held in Moscow on December 10.

In the course of the meeting N.Bordyuzha highly appraised Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship.

“Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship wins general applause,” N.Bordyuzha highlighted.

N.Bordyuzha emphasized at a press briefing which was held following the meeting that for the OSCE the current year had become a breakthrough year.

“It is due to the fact that a great amount of important events related to provision of security had been held within the framework of Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship. But the most major mark is the forthcoming OSCE Summit which had not been convened for the last eleven years. Moreover, the great majority of the OSCE participating states will take part in the summit. It is really a breakthrough,” the CSTO Secretary General added.

N.Bordyuzha also pointed out that Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship considerably affected the security system itself in the CSTO participating states space.

“During Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship the tragic events in the Kyrgyz Republic took place. And under Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship the problems had been solved. Besides, it is very important that Kazakhstan under its OSCE Chairmanship for the first time began to coordinate its activities with the CSTO and other international structures. In the course of the tragic events in Kyrgyzstan our representatives regularly held meetings, shared the information and assessment, discussed the most efficient measures to support the Kyrgyz Republic. It is very important and effective.

The CSTO Secretary General also emphasized that during Kazakhstan OSCE Chairmanship the meeting of high-ranking officials from these five organizations – the UN, OSCE, NATO and CSTO and CIS has been held for the first time.

“The second meeting of high-ranking officials is scheduled to be held in the course of the OSCE summit. It means that the activities of these international organizations that are specialized on security problems is being coordinated,” N.Bordyuzha added.

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