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President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev's New Year's Eve Speech

December 31, 2020

Dear compatriots!

In a few minutes, we will celebrate the New Year. The 2020 will be remembered as a time of hard trials and dramatic events.

Together, we were able to save the economy from a deep decline, preserving the creative potential in production, agriculture, and business.

We have withstood the pressure of new challenges, showed steadfastness and solidarity, in the most challenging conditions we solved not only daily tasks, but also ensured the progressive development of the country. Therefore, our people can rightly be proud of their achievements in this difficult year.

We are not just entering another new year. In fact, we are entering a new world, a new era. Despite all the difficulties, we look to the future with confidence and will go forward!

The coming New Year is the 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence. We are entering the 4th decade in the history of our sovereign country. This is indeed a very important milestone. In the future, we will further strengthen the power of Kazakhstan. Reforms in all areas will be continued with dignity.

My primary mission is to implement an effective policy based on continuity to improve the quality of life of our people. We will persistently defend our national interests either way. I am hopeful that the 21st year of the XXI century will be full of success and new achievements.

I would like to address to all citizens of our Homeland. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has not allowed some of you to pass the outgoing year in a festive atmosphere. However, I am confident that soon all of us, as before, will again feel the joy of live communication with each other, with family and friends.

I sincerely wish you all health, happiness and prosperity! May harmony, prosperity and fun reign in every home! Take care of each other, and take care of your loved ones!

I would like to address special congratulations to those who are currently on duty. The people appreciate your hard work!

We greet 2021 with high hopes, and it is natural. Each of us believes for changes for the better in his fate and in the life of the entire country.

May all our wishes come true and Kazakhstan will become even stronger!


Dear compatriots!

At this special moment, all our dreams merge into one vein. This is a holiday wish. May this year be blessed and bring only goodness and joy! I wish every home, every family well-being, happiness, and luck! May our Homeland prosper!

Happy New Year!

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan