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President Nursultan Nazarbayev wishes a Happy New Year

30 december 2016 year

Dear people of Kazakhstan!

We bid farewell to a truly historic and landmark 2016.

Our country has celebrated Independence Anniversary, closing the books on the whole epoch.

We have every right to say that Kazakhstan has deservedly got along that quarter of a century.

The outgoing year has been very eventful.

It embodied everything that had been in the period of our independence; and the difficulties that we have overcome, and achievements that we are proud of.

I would like to say thanks to the whole nation of all Kazakhstan.

After all, we have gained everything by force of our consent and our unity’ hardness.

We welcome the New Year, which will be of great significance too.

Our country will be in focus of major international events.

Best athletes from a record number of countries will arrive in Almaty for the World Winter Student Games.

Astana hosts guests from around the world at "EXPO: Energy of the Future" exhibition.

Kazakhstan starts to fulfill its duties as a non-permanent UN Security Council member.

That institution is responsible for global peace and security.

That is the vote of confidence for our country and a new impetus for its development.

The year will be not ordinary for the whole Kazakhstan and for each of us.

New employment assistance measures will help more than half a million people of Kazakhstan to start their own business.

A new agro-industrial complex development action program takes effect.

It not only increases production of high-quality food, but will indeed raise villagers' income.

More than half a million households will be able to unite their efforts in co-operatives.

Increasing pension benefits and other social payments will affect about three million people.

All that firms up confidence in future.

Dear Friends!

New Year is about to step into our lives, filling it with new events, ideas and breakthroughs.

We are also ready to see it in and do even more for ourselves, for our families and our native land!

I sincerely wish you all happiness, health, prosperity, and accomplishment of all the good intentions!

Happy New 2017!

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan