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President Nursultan Nazarbayev held a meeting devoted to the results of the work done in the year 2012 and the tasks outlined in the Kazaskhstan-2050 Strategy.

January 23, 2013


During the sitting Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov presented a report on the results of the work done by the state bodies in the year 2012. The Prime Minister noted that the main priority for the Government according to the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy is to enter the club of top 30 most developed countries of the world. Deputy Prime Minister Yerbol Orynbayev and Minister of Transport and Communications Askar Zhumagaliyev also delivered their speech on the course of implementation of programmes in the social sphere and of the infrastructural projects in the transport sphere correspondingly.

Addressing the participants of the meeting, the President emphasized that the current threshold state of the global economy does not exclude the possibility of a new circle of recession.  

“Therefore the main principle of the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy is a comprehensive economic pragmatism. All future decisions should be made taking into account the profitability and return on investment, competitiveness, and compliance with the long-term interests of Kazakhstan. That is not the growth of abstract figures of economic statistics but the real improvement of life in each city, district, aul or village,” the President said.

The President underlined that taking into account “the budget culture” and the saving money the Government and any other state agency should implement a responsible approach in realization of the tasks set before them. The President presented some specific examples of irresponsible attitude towards work.

The President pointed out that the funds that had not been utilized should be channeled to those regions that have been efficiently utilized them.

The President also emphasized the need to be prepared for the possible impact of the global recession.

The President stressed that within the framework of the new political course declared by him it is necessary to work with a high level of performance, initiative and performance.

“The growing innovation industrialization is the main content of the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy. Only the industrialization will give us an opportunity to enter the club of 30 most developed countries of the world. According to the study, the deficit in specialists in the world will be about 40 million people by 2020. Therefore, it is necessary to attract to the country not only foreign investments but the most talented managers from other states. We have an experience in the management of Air Astana and the Nazarbayev University. I have also mentioned about it earlier. I charge Serik Akhmetov and Umirzak Shukeyev to make proposals within one month,” the President highlighted.

Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that a considerable volume of investment is being allocated in tangible assets.

“But for the creation of highly productive industries we need a new management system. The goal of the Samruk-Kazyna is the improvement of corporate management and the creation of a new strategy. I assign the Government, the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning to implement OECD standards in the shortest period of time and continuously search for such ways of business climate improvement. For further successful industrialization we must take care of intellectual property also. I instruct the Government to simplify procedures for registration of inventions and patents and to reach the level of OECD countries on this indicator. I have already said that the basis of industrialization should be the second generation clusters. In this regard, I instruct Deputy Prime Minister Kairat Kelimbetov to develop in the first half of the current year the Concept of Prospective National Clusters. To facilitate this large scale process the development institutions had been created. Unfortunately, the companies of the Samruk-Kazyna Fund are starting to attract focused specialization investment. I instruct the Government to establish the National Development Agency, JSC to which all existing state development institutes and financial organizations will be transferred,” the President said.

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan