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Astana, Kazakhstan

Today President Nursultan Nazarbayev Takes Part in International Scientific Conference devoted to the Constitution Day

August 30, 2012


The conference attended by the first chairmen of central state authorities, delegations of prestigious international organizations, as well as representatives of state authorities and human rights organizations from more than 20 countries, recognized local and foreign scientists and experts in law.  

Addressing the participants of the forum, President Nazarbayev emphasized that it is symbolic that the conference is taking place at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. 

“The Constitution is the basis for state form of government. The Peace and Reconciliation are the values for the adoption of which this political legal innovation was established for the first time the XVIII century. The Constitution is based on the main principles of freedom, harmony and well-being of the nation. Having showed their wisdom and unity, the people of Kazakhstan voted for the fundamental law seventeen years ago at a national referendum. Today we can proudly state that the Constitution of 1995 has become a major factor in Kazakhstan’s success”, the President stated.

Nursultan Nazarbayev pointed out that a new modern state has been established on the basis of the Constitution. 

“We examined different constitutions of the world’s developed democracies. The Constitution gave rise to such basic principles of government as electivity, accountability of all the institutions of power to the people, and adherence to people’s rights and freedoms”, the President said.

The head of state also stressed that the central position of the Basic Law stipulates that the economic growth in the country aims at benefiting the people and society.

The President emphasized that the social modernization is focused on formation of a society of universal labour in Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev also underlined that the social policy of the modern state should stipulate not only protection of the socially vulnerable layers of the population but support to the efficient able-bodied layers of the population

The President of Kazakhstan stressed that the essence of the social modernization lies in the planned and balanced realization of the social potential of the country.

“The XXI century requires a new reading of the Constitution. Our Constitution doesn’t stand still. It lives, evolves, and is subject to various additions, the more so as the world is changing very rapidly and dramatically. I set a task to evaluate the current legislation and to work out new draft laws. Today we focus on the development of the feedback from the state authorities to people through the information society opportunities. The society in the XXI century is the society of legally-educated citizens. And the knowledge of the Constitution is the basis of legal literacy. That is why the vital issue of the social modernization is to raise the legal culture of the population”, the President said.



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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan