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President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev visits the modular infectious diseases hospital in Nur-Sultan

April 23, 2020

Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev visited the modular infectious diseases hospital in Nur-Sultan city, which was built within two weeks amid the State of Emergency in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

The total area of the medical facility is 7,000 square meters. 5,5 billion tenge was allocated from the national budget for its construction. BI Group Holding acted as the contractor.

The structure of the hospital was built from modular blocks using technologies for the construction of pre-fabricated buildings. The clinic has 200 beds and is equipped with up-to-date equipment to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients.

During the visit, the President heard information from Health Minister Yelzhan Birtanov on the current epidemiological situation and ways to improve anti-infectious medical care.

The Head of State inspected medical units and wards equipped with all the necessary equipment for the patient’s treatment. The President of the BI Group construction holding Aydin Rakhimbayev told him about the progress of construction works and the features of the hospital

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted that this clinic is the first medical institution of its kind in the country and expressed gratitude to the builders for its construction.

In a conversation with the hospital’s medical staff, the President thanked them for their selfless work for the benefit of the health of our people.

“You are on the front line of the fight against the pandemic. We are very grateful to you. You work day and night. Unfortunately, in Almaty, we could not protect the doctors. We are now giving response to the current emergency situation. Therefore, I ask you to be on your guard and, first of all, to take care of yourself,” President Tokayev said.

The President also called the main task facing the state to preserve the health of citizens. In his opinion, only a healthy nation can successfully overcome the current crisis.

“We need to take comprehensive measures. We are one of the first countries in the post-soviet space to have taken the necessary measures. I understand that it is not convenient for citizens to observe quarantine, however, there is no other way. In any case, we will keep this lockdown until the end of this month, and then we will think it over,” the President said.

The Head of State also recalled the importance of supporting the economy.

“We need to think about economic development, small and medium-sized businesses. People who have worked hard for a living, of course, should get this opportunity. I will tell this in detail in my televised address next week,” Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said.

During the conversation with doctors, the President touched upon the issue of reforming the system of sanitary and epidemiological services.

“Every crisis entails lessons that need to be taken into account. We are now learning lessons from this crisis and pandemic. Indeed, in recent years, due to objective circumstances, the necessary attention has not been paid to the development and maintenance of the sanitary and epidemiological service system. You know that very well. We will now rebuild the work of the Health Ministry. Appropriate reforms will be implemented. In particular, the powers of the chief sanitary doctor will be strengthened,” President Tokayev said.

In turn, the doctors expressed their gratitude to the state and the President for their support. They also mentioned the issue of raising the salaries for infectious diseases doctors.

“At the moment, we are consolidating all the budget funds. You should understand that the traditional markets for Kazakhstan have collapsed. We are not receiving the serious amounts that we had hoped for in the budget. But even in these difficult financial conditions, we will not ignore your request,” Kassym-Jomart Tokayev replied.

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