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6 November 2015
Participation in the 38th session of the UNESCO General Conference
Paris, France

During his speech delivered at the Conference, Nursultan Nazarbayev said that UNESCO has a special role to play in the United Nations.

“Kazakhstan fully supports the UNESCO’s activities, the main priorities of which cover the most important areas of sustainable development goals of the United Nation,” he said.

The President also pointed out that our country has achieved all the objectives that were set out at the UNESCO General Conference twenty years ago, as well as the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted the aggravated dangers of inter-civilizational fault collisions on interethnic, intercultural and inter-religious basis.

“Kazakhstan supports efforts to improve UNESCO’s efficiency and to strengthen its credibility, modernisation and adaptation to the challenges of our time. I am confident that UNESCO will continue to be an effective forum for cooperation between states and nations to promote enlightenment, understanding and peace,” he said.

Addressing the gathering, Nazarbayev proposed establishing an international academy under UNESCO on maintaining peace and sustainable development.

“Basing it on best international practices, this academy could develop progressive ideas and practical measures to maintain peace and ensure sustainable development,” he said. “Of particular importance is the search for ways of early conflict prevention through the implementation of the UNESCO Culture of Peace Concept.”

Nazarbayev also mentioned his nation’s international initiatives, such as the 2045 Global Strategic Initiative Plan, the Universal Declaration on the Achievement of a Nuclear-Weapons-Free World, which is currently making its way through the UN General Assembly, and a common global network for addressing international terrorism and extremism under the auspices of the UN.

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