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Joint Statement of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and President of The Republic of Tűrkiye Recep Tayyip Erdoğan On Enhanced Strategic Partnership

May 10, 2022

At the invitation of President of the Republic of Türkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev paid a state visit to Türkiye on May 10-11, 2022.

The Presidents (hereinafter referred to as the Parties) are pleased to note that this visit made a significant contribution to the further consolidation of the strategic partnership between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Türkiye.

By adopting this Statement, the Parties have decided to elevate the relations between the two countries to the level of an enhanced strategic partnership.

The Parties emphasized that this visit was an important milestone in advancing cooperation between the two countries underpinned by shared interests in politics, military, defense, security, economy, trade, investment, industry, mining, tourism, energy, environment, transport and transit, aviation, family and social services, labor and employment, agriculture and forestry, disasters and emergencies, culture, education, science and technology, innovation, media and communications, healthcare, youth and sports, and archives.

In this regard, highly commending the results of the 12th meeting of the Kazakh-Turkish Intergovernmental Economic Commission (IEC) held on March 3-4, 2022, in Nur-Sultan and the 7th meeting of the Joint Strategic Planning Group held on February 24, 2022, in Nur-Sultan, the Parties expressed appreciation for adopting the Action Plan consisting of 68 articles at the IEC meeting.

The Parties noted that these mechanisms as an essential part of regional and international efforts, provide a solid foundation for the development of new avenues and projects for cooperation between the two countries, as well as bring a high-level momentum and focus on relations and cooperation in all spheres and emphasized the importance of their regular arrangement.

During the meetings held in the spirit of friendship and mutual understanding, the Parties held comprehensive discussions regarding the current state of Kazakh-Turkish relations and opportunities for their further development and enhancement in all dimensions and exchanged views on salient regional and international issues.

The Parties expressed hope that the Asia Anew Initiative announced by Türkiye in 2019 will inject a new driving force for the strategic partnership between the two countries.

The Turkish Party once again underlined its firm support to the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, political stability and well-being of fraternal Kazakhstan and highlighted mutual assistance.

In this regard, the Kazakhstani Party expressed appreciation for the support provided by Türkiye and the Organization of Turkic States chaired by Türkiye.

The Turkish Party confirmed its unyielding support for the comprehensive reforms implemented in the country under the leadership of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

On the auspicious occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Türkiye celebrated on March 2 2022, the Parties reaffirmed their commitment to effective development of relations and cooperation between the two fraternal countries based on common history, languages and culture, as well as to enhance the cooperation in contributing to peace and security in the region. They emphasized the importance of continuing political dialogue between Kazakhstan and Türkiye through mutual visits and meetings at various levels.

Guided by the Friendship and Cooperation Treaty between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Türkiye dated October 17, 1994, the Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Türkiye dated October 22, 2009, joint statements adopted following the meetings of the High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council between Kazakhstan and Türkiye and provisions of other bilateral treaties and agreements, the Parties make the following statement:

  1. The Parties welcomed friendly and fraternal relations, close political dialogue, and multifaceted cooperation between the two countries rooted in common history, languages and culture.
  2. The Parties agreed to enhance cooperation and coordination in foreign policy, defense and security, economy, trade, investment, industry, mining, science and technology, transport, information and communication technologies and cybersecurity, energy, environment and urbanization, healthcare, family and social services, food, agriculture, disasters and emergencies, education, media and communications, culture, tourism, sports, archives, and implement them to the fullest by increasing bilateral cooperation mechanisms in these directions.
  3. The Parties commended the agreements signed during the visit aiming to consolidate the treaty framework between the two countries.
  4. The Parties underlined the importance of continuing the consistent work of cooperation mechanisms established for developing economic and trade relations as well as comprehensive implementation of decisions made at the 12th meeting of the Kazakh-Turkish IEC held in Nur-Sultan on March 3-4, 2022. For this, they agreed to hold regular meetings with the participation of competent ministries and institutions of the two countries in order to systematically review the enforcement of the Action Plan of the IEC.
  5. Commending the steady increase of bilateral trade, the Parties emphasized the importance of taking the necessary measures to increase trade to 10 billion dollars in the upcoming years.
  6. To promote trade and support mutual direct investments between the two nations, the Parties agreed for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan to take the necessary measures in coordination with the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye.
  7. The Parties stressed the importance of further strengthening the treaty framework for enhancing and diversifying bilateral economic and trade cooperation.
  8. The Parties, highlighting the importance of private sector relations, welcomed the Kazakhstan-Türkiye Business Forum that took place in Nur-Sultan as part of the 12th meeting of the Kazakh-Turkish IEC and agreed to organize such meetings on an annual basis.
  9. The Parties emphasized the importance of developing relations between the Kazakhstan Agency for International Development (KazAID) and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) within the framework of the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding on cooperation, signed by the two organizations.
  10. The Parties expressed intention to hold joint activities and consultations on alternative energy sources, hybrid technologies, and energy accumulation with agreement to research private sector opportunities in Kazakhstan, Türkiye and third countries in order to develop regional energy security.
  11. The Parties, noting the importance of developing relations in energy and mining, agreed to promote mutually beneficial bilateral and regional cooperation in these areas.
  12. The Parties supported the drafting and approval of the Roadmap of Actions for the implementation of the signed bilateral Memorandum of Understanding on the development of cross-border centers.
  13.  The Parties confirmed their interest in the development of the TURANSEZ Special Economic Zone in Turkistan, the spiritual capital of the Turkic world.
  14. The Parties set as a common goal the support of scientific research initiatives in the two countries, the implementation of joint projects in civil service, the professional development of civil servants, the organization of short and long-term internships for researchers of the two countries, and the organization of meetings, seminars and round tables to develop cooperation in science and technology with the mutual participation of experts from the two countries.
  15. The Parties stressed the importance of cooperation with exchange of information and experience in areas of social, labor and family policy.
  16. The Parties deemed it appropriate to cooperate on regional transport, communications and infrastructure development, to exchange experience in the design, construction and operation of railways, highways, logistics centers, and airports, as well as to cooperate on obtaining financial support from international financial institutions for such projects.
  17. The Parties agreed to cooperate with the aim to develop bilateral and transit cargo transportation between Kazakhstan and Türkiye in accordance with the results of the meeting of the Kazakhstan- Türkiye Joint Transport Commission, held on May 9, 2022 in Ankara.
  18. The Parties agreed to enhance cooperation in transport and logistics, commending the growth of cargo transit via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad and the East – West Middle Corridor. Noting fixed complex rates for the transportation of wagons and containers on Transcaspian direction of the Middle Corridor, the Parties emphasized its importance for cargo transit via new Baku-Tbilisi-Kars network. The Parties stressed the importance of strengthening coordination between the relevant institutions for the effective and sustainable use of the Middle Corridor.
  19. The Parties, stressing the importance of the construction sector and contracting services in the further development of economic and trade relations, decided to take the necessary steps to develop cooperation in these areas.
  20. The Parties highlighted the importance of measures on facilitating safe travel, including certificates of vaccination against COVID-19, and revival of exchange of experience while using relevant mechanisms of cooperation to develop further bilateral relations in culture and tourism.
  21. The Parties stressed the importance of increasing the number of regular passenger flights between the two countries and welcomed the decision to hold negotiations between the civil aviation institutions.
  22. The Parties, noting the importance of strengthening cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies, agreed to exchange experience and strengthen the cooperation of technology parks in the field of digitalization, including providing support to start-ups.
  23. The Parties, noting the importance of strengthening cooperation in the field of environment and urbanism, agreed to strengthen cooperation in this area, including the exchange of technical expertise and experience.
  24. The Parties, noting the importance of developing technical cooperation in food and agriculture and necessity for more efficient use of the existing mechanisms, decided to hold the Kazakhstan-Türkiye Business Forum in the field of agriculture with the participation of representatives of Kazakh businesses in Türkiye in 2023 and meetings of the Kazakh-Turkish Agricultural Working Group.
  25. The Turkish Party, noting the importance of developing cooperation on forestry management along with assistance in combating large-scale forest fires, expressed gratitude for the assistance of the Kazakh people in fighting devastating forest fires in Türkiye in 2021.
  26. The Parties agreed to develop cooperation in areas of plants protection and plants quarantine.
  27. The Parties stressed the importance of cooperation to ensure the necessary level of protection of human life and health, as well as to prevent infectious diseases from goods, food products, and animals that are harmful to human health.
  28. The Parties reaffirmed their support for the establishment of direct contacts between universities, mutual exchange of experience, professional development of teachers, organization of scientific seminars, conferences, and master courses, as well as joint education programs.
  29. The Parties highlighted the importance of consolidation of cultural and humanitarian ties, organization of joint events in the field of culture and art, organization of screenings of films produced in Kazakhstan and Türkiye and jointly produced works in the film markets of the two nations.
  30. The Parties agreed to develop the skills of media professionals within the relevant programs to facilitate information exchange, strategic communication, public diplomacy, strengthening of cultural ties, bilateral investment, enhancement of the brand value of countries, and improvement of institutional relations.
  31. The Parties agreed to exchange experience and information on openness and transparency of the state and society, as well as effective public administration, conduct joint training programs for representatives of the media and press services of public institutions, exchange views and data on ensuring information security and countering misinformation related to hybrid threats.
  32. The Parties agreed to strengthen cooperation between the competent authorities of Kazakhstan and Türkiye in developing state policy in the information domain and supporting mass media, social networks and media outlets, as well as to implement joint programs.
  33. The Parties welcomed the cooperation established between the national archive institutions and stressed the importance of its further strengthening to deepen humanitarian and cultural ties between the two states. The Parties decided to complete the process related to the agreement on cultural centers as soon as possible.
  34. The Parties commended the cooperation of the two countries in the field of youth policy and welcomed the further development of friendly and cooperative relations in this area on the treaty basis.
  35. The Parties decided to renew the agreement on bilateral cooperation in healthcare, strengthen the exchange of medical knowledge and experience and jointly respond to natural disasters such as epidemic diseases, earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.
  36. The Parties decided to increase engagement between the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of the two countries, by organizing mutual visits and joint exercises, ensuring exchange of experience, training and coordination.
  37. The Parties agreed to firmly combat all forms of terrorism and extremism, strengthen the fight against all structures that pose a threat to the national security of the two countries, and enhance cooperation through dialogue mechanisms in the field of defense and security.
  38. The Parties agreed to consider and pursue various opportunities for cooperation, including the establishment of joint production to deepen cooperation in the defense industry.
  39. The Parties highlighted the need to continue cooperation on consular issues to further develop economic, trade and cultural relations and facilitate humanitarian ties.
  40. The Parties reaffirm mutual support in protecting their fundamental interests, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, and prevent outside forces from interfering in their internal policy.
  41. The Parties agreed to mutually support the proposed solutions, initiatives and candidacies in international organizations in all circumstances to jointly contribute to global and regional stability, peace and prosperity, ensure coordination in the Organization of Turkic States and other international organizations and multilateral platforms, and ensure coherent implementation of the “Turkic Vision – 2040” document of the Organization of Turkic States.
  42. The Parties agreed to develop cooperation and hold regular consultations on issues within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its affiliated institutions, including the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS), headquartered in Kazakhstan, the Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), headquartered in Türkiye, the Research Centre for Islamic History, Arts and Culture (IRCICA), the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), the Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries (SMIIC) and the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC).
  43. The Parties expressed their intention to gradually implement the initiative of the Kazakhstan’s presidency to transform the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia into a full-fledged organization, and to jointly develop its potential.
  44. The Parties exchanged views on common global issues and were pleased to note that their views coincide.
  45. The Parties noted that it is in the interests of both sides to contribute to regional security and sustainable development and strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation by supporting mutual understanding and good-neighborly relations in Central Asia.
  46. The Parties emphasized the importance of establishing an inclusive governance concept that encompasses all political and ethnic diversity of the Afghan people to ensure peace, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan, and reaffirmed their shared commitment to providing comprehensive assistance to the Afghan people within the aim to contribute to international efforts to establish stability in this country.
  47. The Parties reaffirmed the agreements between the two States on the completion during the current year of the internal conciliation procedures necessary for the entry into force of the intergovernmental agreements that were signed in recent years, and on the entry into force and implementation of international agreements.
  48. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed his gratitude to President of the Republic of Türkiye Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and all Turkish people for the hospitality and warm welcome provided to Kazakhstan’s delegation and invited the President of the Republic of Türkiye to the CICA Summit, which is scheduled to be held in Nur-Sultan on October 12-13, 2022.
  49. The Parties agreed to hold the 4th meeting of the High-level Strategic Cooperation Council in Nur-Sultan in the framework of the CICA Summit.
  50. The Parties signed this Joint Statement in Ankara on May 10, 2022, in Kazakh and Turkish languages.


Kassym-Jomart Tokayev                           Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

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