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Meeting of the Presidential Council on Youth Policy chaired by the State Secretary of Kazakhstan

Gulshara Abdykalikova noted that the youth policy priorities are among the key goals of Strategy - 2050. The Head of State stressed, "Our youth should study, acquire new knowledge, acquire the newest skills, and skilfully and effectively use knowledge and technology in everyday life. We must create all opportunities for this, provide the most favourable conditions."

- System transformations are taking place in Kazakhstan today. The national third modernization is being implemented, aimed at creating a new model of the economy, political reform and the renewal of public consciousness. A special place in these processes is given to youth, the nation’s future," Gulshara Abdykalikova said.

The meeting heard the reports of the ministers on religious affairs and civil society, labour and social protection of the population, the national economy, education and science on measures to ensure employment young people, including rural youth.

The Council members have approved the Council’s Work Plan on Youth Policy for 2018.

Following the meeting, the Secretary of State has given a number of instructions concerning the issues of employment and social support for young people.


The number of active youth in the third quarter of 2017 was 2,120.7 thousand people, including employed citizens - 2 036.0 thousand people. The level of youth unemployment reached 4%.

As a result of actualizing the Program for Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship Development, 21,000 young people were sent to get trained as personnel with technical and vocational education, short-term vocational education covered 30,1 thousand people, 1,1 thousand people received microcredits, and 163,6 thousand young people have been employed.

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